Æbelholt Abby

The Abby ruins and museum

Æbelholt Abby is just outside Hillerød. See the ruins of the largest Scandinavian Augustine monastery. Only a few ruins are left of the once extensive building complex.

Imagine the Abby in its heydey during the Middle Ages. Travellers and the poor could find a meal here. The Abby also functioned as a hospital.

At the museum, you can see some of the 800 skeletons found in archaeological digs around the Abby. Meet the young girl who died in childbirth. The dead tells a story of disease, life and death in the middle ages.

Abby Garden

The Abby garden has old medicinal plants – some have been scientifically proven to have effects, others not. See the valerian plant that cats love, but which also has medicinal uses. In summer there are flowers, bees and butterflies.

Bring lunch and take a nature walk

Take a walk in the surrounding countryside. Perhaps you will see a bird of prey. Bring a lunch or snack and enjoy it in the Abby garden.

Visit Æbelholt Abby Fair in June – a medieval fair for families with children.

Visiting Æbelholt Abby

Æbelholt 4 (by Isterødvejen), 3400 Hillerød, 7217 0240.


19. May – 24. October: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, 12-16.

Looking for guided tours and additional opening hours? Contact us at post@museumns.dk


Adults 25 kr. Under 18 years: free.
For 70 kr. you can buy a year card, which gives you assess to all Museum Nordsjællands exhibitions. Purchase online at VisitNordsjælland.


For directions from your destination, use Google Maps. Parking close to the museum. A 30 min bike ride from Hillerød – bicycle path all the way. Just follow Frederiksværksgade until it ends.

Disabled access

Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access to the museum and ruins.


Books, postcards, ceramics, glass and reproductions.

Abby Garden

A group of museum volunteers maintain the garden.